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well she really is a funny girl

The Curse of Mulan

Posted on 2009.07.01 at 13:58
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It seems that every time I try to sit down and watch Mulan, some kind of evil forces (Probably Shan Yu) thwart my plans.  For years, actually.

 Something ALWAYS comes up.  Sometimes I end up finishing it later, but usually I don't.  Usually when I find the tape, it's half way through.

And during last year's annual movie marathon, I only got up to Hercules, which just happens to be the movie right before Mulan

So yesterday, my schedule called for the 1997 Walt Disney World Planning Video (My personal favorite, 25 Years of Magic Celebration.  Horrid Cake Castle and all.  This one makes me cry like a baby), the 1998 Walt Disney World Planning Video, and Walt Disney Feature Animation's 36th animated classic...Mulan.

And then my mother and I decided to go out for dinner.  There was still time to watch the movie when I got home.  I had started the previews before I left, so i settled in for my favorite animated Chinese epic. 

And within the first 60 seconds of the movie, my VCR decided it was time for a nice, tasty, Mulan-flavored snack.  In other words, it ate the tape.  I ordered the DVD from  Amazon, and watched the movie on YouTube this morning.  I'm hoping that with the demise of my ten year olf Mulan video, and the rise of the five year old DVD, the Curse of Mulan might be broken.



prodigyfandork at 2009-07-03 19:21 (UTC) (Link)
Pffft. Figures.

For some reason this entry didn't show up on my flist. The only reason I came upon it was because I finally added Byron/Jeff to my lj interests, and then decided to see who else had it on their lists.

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