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poor mallory!
Posted on 2009.05.07 at 18:06
how i'm feeling: contentcontent
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So, I've finally gotten around to reading through my BSC collection.

So far
#1: Kristy's Great Idea (PSST...Idea is to start a club for babysitters...)
#2: Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls (PHANTOM CALLER = ALAN GRAY.  Aren't ya surprised?)
#3: The Truth About Stacey (She has diabetes!  Also, her parents are paranoid!)
#9: The Ghost at Dawn's House (Ghost = Nicky Pike.  Doesn't scare Dawn any less.  And who can blame her?)
#10: Logan Likes Mary Anne! (and Boys!  And Mary Anne has a stalker-like obsession with Cam Geary.)
#11: Kristy and the Snobs (Okay, this one just makes me cry...)

and I am currently on #12: Claudia and the New Girl (Ashley is apparently weird because she wears bell bottoms.  Also, she's a major bitch.)

It's cool that I'm reading books for a fourth grade reading level.  I read these originally in second and third grade, so HA!

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