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boy meets world: "i'm a human being!"


Posted on 2009.03.23 at 12:17
how i'm feeling: excitedexcited
what i'm listening to: speakers aren't plugged in
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I went to the mall yesterday and got some pretty clothes, two pairs of flip flops and...

...the first two seasons (packaged together) of Blossom on DVD.  It was half off so, I was like "Whyyyy nooot?"

And it's pretty much amazing.  I was telling my dad about it (he bought me the gift certificate I used to pay for it) and it led to an interesting conversation.

Him: Ucccch, why would you buy that?
Me: Um, because it's awesome.
Him: Is that the one with Joey Lawrence?
Me:...why do you know who Joey Lawrence is???

Then my dad said "WHOA!" in a really awful Joey voice and it was just...awful.

But yay for TV on DVD to make me procrastinate further!

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